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Vaginal Laxity, Lubrication And Rejuvenation

(This post contains the graphic representations of the female genitalia, do not continue if you may find such offensive). Vaginal rejuvenation promises of tightening the vagina, stopping incontinence, eliminating vaginal dryness and more. Childbirth and age can change a woman’s vagina, and there are some women who are going to try to reverse those changes.” Vaginal Rejuvenation or Vaginoplasty is a 1-2 hour procedure involving the tightening of the inner and outer muscles and structures of the vagina, with the aim of enhancing vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control. Vaginal Rejuvenation treats vaginal laxity, a common condition associated with childbirth and aging. Despite its growing popularity, vaginal rejuvenation is still very much shrouded in mystery.

External Anatomy Of The Female Genitalia

The hair-bearing area over the pubic bone at the upper portion of the female genitalia is called the mons, while the hair-bearing outer lips are called the labia majora (singular is labium majus).

The inner lips are called the labia minora (singular is labium minus), and in the upper portion in the center is the clitoral top, which covers the clitoris in part or entirely. Below the clitoris is the urethral opening, and directly below that, is the vaginal opening.

Vaginal Laxity

Pregnancy and vaginal delivery can lead to strain and stretching, which can result in loss of vaginal rigidity. Vaginal laxity is more likely to occur with the following conditions:
  • when bearing more than one child,
  • having a large baby,
  • undergoing a forceps delivery and
  • Normal aging.

Symptoms Associated With Vaginal Laxity

Symptoms include:
  • loss of sensation with intercourse and
  • decreased sexual satisfaction
  • Negative impact on female sexual function, body image and quality of life.
Most times, pelvic floor training and Kegel exercises may be recommended to tighten the vaginal muscles. Surgical vaginoplasty, however, has a high patient satisfaction rate, and some women plan to have more children or don’t want to have surgery. They may, however, want to consider nonsurgical options that utilize laser or radiofrequency (“RF”) energy.

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Vaginal Lubrication

With age, hormonal changes and certain treatments like radiation treatment for cancer, patients may notice a loss of vaginal lubrication, which can result in painful intercourse. Vaginal lubrication has been reported to improve with both laser and RF treatments, and the improvement is felt to be the result of improved blood flow.

Methods Of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation covers essentially anything that changes or alters the vaginal anatomy, and that includes both internal and external structures. There isn’t a single vaginal rejuvenation method. There are, however, creams and injections that are meant to improve the quality of orgasm, and there are also surgeries or laser treatments that promise to tighten the muscles of the vagina or improve its look. The majority of women are seeking vaginal rejuvenation for cosmetic reasons, but as with any cosmetic surgery, it is important for the patient to consider why they want the surgery before moving forward with it. Improving self-confidence usually plays a large part in such decision, and it’s important that the patient is inquiring about these procedures for herself, and not because of pressure from a partner or the society, at large. It is imperative that any woman looking into vaginal rejuvenation have realistic expectations of the outcomes since no cosmetic procedure is going to restore any part of your body to the way it was when you were still very young.
It’s a natural urge to want to counteract the signs of aging. However, it’s important that in trying to do so a woman doesn’t put her mental or physical health at risk, and as such, there is need to talk to your gynecologist before seeking out a cosmetic procedure.

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