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Funny Amazing Pregnancy Signs

So you’ve had unprotected sex and you are not sure if you are safe or not. Well, missing your period is the most obvious sign that you’re pregnant, but there are also some funny and unusual signs that should make you decide to take a pregnancy test.

Here are 5 signs

You Remember All Your Dreams Colorfully

Pregnancy hormones can make you wake up when the dream cells in your brain are still at its peak. Thus, you wake up feeling like your dreams are very real and vivid because more intense dreams mean higher brain activity.

You Have A Runny Nose

Some women experience a lot of sneezing and runny nose when they’re pregnant due to hormones produced during the early prenatal period. These hormones cause reflex sneezing and runny nose even when you don’t have the flu or cold.

You are Drooling Accidentally

It’s normal to salivate when you see a really yummy meal, but drooling for no reason might be a very obvious sign you’re pregnant because your body system finds it difficult to control the extent of drooling when you’re pregnant.

Your Dog Is Acting Funny

Research is yet to tell us why, but dogs are said to be able to smell or sense pregnancy in their owners. Therefore, if your dog is acting in a funny way or acting needy or extremely jealous, it might be a sign that you might be pregnant.

Your Mouth Tastes Metallic

Some women develop a metallic taste in their mouth during pregnancy. This is as a result of hormones produced during pregnancy, which makes it really hard to figure out the real taste of meals. This makes them lose their appetite quite easily.

If you have two or more of these signs, you might want to see a doctor or take a pregnancy test as soon as possible.



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