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5 Good Meditation Apps for Reducing Anxiety and Sleeping Better

it’s time to take a break, fill your lungs with air and exhale it back out, slowly and calmly.

In other words, it’s time to do something besides work, and whatever fresh perdition we might be waking up to tomorrow morning. Relief isn’t easy to find, we have got meditation apps that could help.

Feeling overwhelmed all the time is mentally and emotionally draining. You might think you’re managing it well, without realizing how overwhelmed you are.

If you build healthy habits and stick to them, staying attuned to your mental state throughout the day, you could find yourself feeling less nervous and restless. As a result, you can be sleeping better.

The 5 Best Meditation Apps For Stress

Here are the best meditation apps to distress, and there’s something for everyone—beginners, skeptics, Android users, iPhone devotees, and those looking for cheap options.

Headspace (For beginners who need direction)

Headspace requests you to take a few minutes each day to meditate, whether that’s for focus, exercise, sleep, or more. It makes it easy to develop a routine.

It also gives you the option of mini-meditations and “SOS” sessions if your anxiety is going up. It is full of instruction with an appealing interface that makes it great for meditation beginners.


Aura is an app dedicated to making you more attentive. What’s nice about Aura is it specifically addresses stress, anxiety, and depression which all work together and against you.

This app can determine your current mood and then use that to assign different meditations to exercise for you. The app itself promotes calmness through its blue color, and it prompts you to add what you’re grateful for.

Over time, gratitude will make you feel less stressed and more positive.

Calm (For a good night’s sleep)

Calm is a meditation app that offers extra sleep-related guidance through its Sleep Stories feature. It is also designed to be playing calming music as you drift off.

Calm’s other features include breathing techniques, different settings like “self-esteem” and “relationships,” and different session lengths to fit easily into your daily activities.


Buddhify has you select from a color wheel of symptoms and daily activities so it can give you a meditation that fits your condition or moment Buddhify is a meditation app specifically designed for situations like feeling stressed; On a work break; Traveling….

Buddhify also gives you a cache of over 80 custom guided meditations, which makes it easy to find your favorite ones instead of drowning in choices.

Other features of buddhify include tracking your meditation time and building your practice streak with buddhify’s check-in section.

Stop, Breathe, & Think

This app is for those that want to monitor their well-being over time. Stop, Breathe & Think makes it easy for you to check-in with yourself and check on your mood, and after you update the app on where you’re at mentally, it gives you a tailored list of meditations you should do.

It also helps you build a meditation habit with a streak tracker, a counter of total time spent practicing, and stickers to keep you motivated.

Stop, Breathe & Think makes meditation easy with over 55 custom meditations, a meditation timer, and the coveted mood tracker. This app (Stop, Breathe & Think), won the 2017 Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Health App.


Whether you want to reduce your anxiety, calm your mind, keep yourself from losing your cool at the office, or basically handle anything stress-related with a little more ease, a practice of meditation can add some much-needed calm to your life.

Getting into the habit of meditation is much easier with these tools on your side. Now you’ve got no excuses. Kick that stress, anxiety, and worry and take on the season with a little more peace of mind.



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