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Facts and Myths on Detoxification

Detoxification refers to removing harmful and addictive substances, such as poisons, drugs and alcohol, from the body. But in recent times, it also involves restricted short-term diet that usually involves abstinence from certain foods and drinks. It may also be accompanied by intricate health and beauty regimes like body brushes and ‘detox’ clay masks.

Toxin is a substance that is harmful to the body. While we may not find ourselves at the scene of a toxic chemical leakage, all of us are being repeatedly exposed to low-levels of synthetic chemicals on daily basis.

It is usually a single significant exposure or chronic repeated exposures over time. These synthetic chemicals exposures, over time have been shown to have a negative impact on our health.

Scientific Statement

There is a popular belief that our bodies can take care of itself and manage all of the toxins that we are exposed to throughout our lives without any intervention on our part. Many experts have been known to have said that ‘we have, highly developed and expertly designed mechanisms in our body to detox and eliminate toxins on its own.

Some suggests that specific organs, such as the liver, kidneys, digestive system, lungs and skin, work efficiently to make sure we are getting rid of these toxins constantly and without antagonistic effects.

Some of these so call experts even suggest that our body can handle toxins on its own and that detoxing is a myth.

But, the fact remain that we are well barraged by a mass of extraneous substances, from the air we breathe to the food and drink we take in, and the problem is that our body cannot without difficulty, eliminate some of these toxins or break them down.

Thus, they get stored in places like fat tissue and eventually make their way through into our bloodstream and invade our major organs like brain, lungs, heart, eyes, stomach, liver, and sexual organs.

Heavy tiny metals are very toxic to our brain cells, and they can cause memory loss, migraines, and premature brain damage and aging.

So long as we are alive, and eat, drinks, and breathe, we are being exposed to these toxins, and we can’t escape them. While this has become almost typical to us, we should not then pretend that it is no big deal and hope that our body will automatically take care of these toxins.

When you look at the increasing amounts chemicals invading our environment, it becomes necessary to do whatever we can to lessen the damage being done to our system.

Our kidneys, liver, cardiovascular and immune system, including our skin are all working hard every day to process all of the substances that come into the body and to expel toxins. However, these organs are being over-worked and overburdened with toxins.

They are being pushed to the brink, and when that happened, symptoms like fatigue, digestion problems, bloating, and muscle aches can creep in and while we may appear healthy on the physical, this will be “false health”, because, when these symptoms go unchecked and our bodies are not able to optimally eliminate them, we are at risk for greater health problems over time.

Detox Myth

Some people believe that there is no good scientific evidence of detox foods or diets. That belief is a detox myth, because, there is good evidence that certain foods have remarkable powers and are capable of helping our body flush toxins.

Some traditional Chinese Medicines have used detoxification and purification techniques for centuries and do today. For example, garlic and onions are known to be high in sulfur and compounds that help to remove heavy metals from the body.

They can also prevent kidney damage caused by exposure to heavy metals, and these sulfur-rich foods also help our body produce more glutathione, an antioxidant which reacts with, and carries toxins out of the body.

Common Detox Myths

  • While some say that juice cleanses, and will make you lose weight in few days, others say that they will magically cure long-term sicknesses. The reality is that marketers promote juice cleanses as a way to clean a person’s insides, ridding them of toxic overload, and helping them regain balance after a period of unhealthful eating, or jump-starting wholesome habits. However, not everyone agrees that juice cleanses are a way to wellness.
  • Most people think that you should abstain from certain food groups or pay particular attention to other food groups. This is not really the case.
  • Most detox diet plans that only suggests on salads and vegetables will leave potential side effects like low energy, low blood sugar, muscle aches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, etc.
  • Saunas are a great way to rid the skin of toxins. They are not a detox solution. The primary reason we sweat is to regulate the body temperature, and long periods of time in the sauna can cause issues such as dehydration.

The Detox Foot Spa Machines

The Detox foot spa machines are out there in the market, and marketers are claiming that water turning reddish brown is the toxic matter removed from the body.

They claim that yellowish color is from the kidney and bladder toxins, and that orange is from arthritis-related illness, while dark brown is from liver-related diseases, and so on.

Scientifically, these claims are senseless, because the color of water changes due to electrolysis, and the brown coloration you see, is from the rust generated by the corrosion of the iron electrodes.

The changes in color can be accounted by varying amount of salt added to the water and variations in the compositions of the electrodes, and the color of water will change with time, whether you soak your feet in it or not.

Some Detox Dietary Materials

As already mentioned, garlic and onions are known to be high in sulfur and compounds that help to remove heavy metals from the body. They can also prevent kidney damage caused by exposure to heavy metals, and these sulfur-rich foods also help our body produce more glutathione, an antioxidant which reacts with, and carries toxins out of the body.

  • Vitamin B1 is well known to increase the excretion of lead from the body. It is naturally found in peas, spinach, and pistachios, and diets with sufficient vitamin B1 inhibits lead absorption and show a relationship with lower levels of lead in the blood.
  • Vitamin E has been proven to be an antioxidant shown to protect the body from methylmercury. Sunflower seeds, avocados, and almonds are high in Vitamin E, and avocados in particular are known to improve the health of your liver, which is the body’s primary detoxing organ.
  • Optimal hydration and drinking plenty of clean water every day is known to help our body eliminate toxins by keeping the kidneys and bowels active.
  • Cilantro, also known as Chinese parsley, enhances our body’s ability to detox from heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and scientific result has shown it to effectivelypurify drinking water that is contaminated with these toxins.
  • Zinc is known to safeguard the kidneys from cadmium and can eliminate the symptoms of cadmium toxicity in our body. Garbanzo beans and pumpkin seeds are known to be high in zinc.
  • The ultimate lifestyle ‘detox’ rule is not smoking, exercising and enjoying a healthy balanced diet, mostly from natural sources.

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  • The average person doesn’t need some fancy supplement or expensive prescription medications, you can simply eat whole real foods that support the detox process, while avoiding things like toxic cooking oils, alcohol and sugar, that are known to over labor the liver.
  • Some foods can help our body eliminate toxins; drinking lemon water first thingin the morning; addition of detoxifying ingredients like dandelion greens, cilantro, and parsley salads and green drinks; provide your body with a rich source of nutrients, and giving your digestive organs a rest.
  • Choose organic food over inorganic ones as that can help avoid organophosphate pesticides and other hazardous chemicals. Scientific evidence suggests that organic foods help support the detox process.
  • Meal planning and cooking at home with whole real foods is one of the best ways to keep your body system in a normal pH level. This is in addition to providing your body with an abundant amount of nutrients on a daily basis, and to help you prevent diseases.

In summary, do not believe anyone that tells you that detoxing is a “myth”, and you can learn some tips about how to detox from all of the toxic chemicals in our environment and lives.


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