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Milk Allergy and Lactose Intolerance in Infants

Dietary Warning

Some babies and children have a reaction when they drink cow’s milk. This is mainly due to lactose intolerance or an allergy to milk. If your child has one of these conditions, you will have to alter their diet to avoid milk altogether.

Lactose intolerance is a problem with the digestive system, and you or your child doesn’t have the enzyme needed to digest lactose, which is the sugar in milk.

Milk allergy, on the other hand is a problem with the immune system. This allergy usually involves other parts of the body as well as the stomach, and may cause symptoms such as a skin rash or swelling of the face.

There are many similarities between milk intolerance and milk allergy symptoms, ranging from stomach cramps to sickness and diarrhoea, but what’s more, is the way the names of these conditions are often used interchangeably and not always correctly.

Knowing how…

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