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Fast-Track Your Fitness Tracking: Benefits Of Fitness Trackers In Healthy Living

Fitness trackers help users to stay healthy and sporty. It keeps a good track of their fitness and it helps users to achieve fitness and health objectives. When it comes to fitness, health tracking is important and fitness tracker bands serve as a wellness device that provides regular and accurate monitoring.

Sedentary lifestyle and inactivity can lead to health and personal problems that include weight gain (fat), the onset of prolonged and serious ailment and even poor productivity in school, work and daily life from poor mental coordination.

Regular activity and exercise can avert and may even reverse many of these health challenges. Being active by walking, running, skipping ropes can help boost an individual’s wellbeing, but you have to be regularly active, and make gains in your activities.

Fitness trackers are one common way to keep track of your progress, and depending on the type of tracker, you can track steps, calories, distance traveled caloric intake, heart rate and sleep/rest time.

Some of the trackers even offer GPS tracking to map your distance, location, and pace. As much as fitness trackers may seem like an irrelevant asset for those who already into athletics, fitness trackers can serve as an important gadget that adds spice to fitness motivation.

Benefits of Fitness Tracker

The following are some main benefits of using a fitness tracker;

Tracks your Heart Rate

The Heart is responsible for everything that happens in our body from the movement of nutrients and oxygen to several body cells, and blood circulation. Experts believe that low resting heart rate identifies a healthy condition of the heart while high resting heart rate is the indication of heart-related problems like cardiac arrest or some other.

This makes it vital to monitor your heart rate constantly to know the health status of your heart. This is where wearing fitness trackers come in and help keeps check on your heart rate, to indicate if your heart advances into something different.

Personal Responsibility

Fitness trackers track your personal objectives and your progress in healthy workouts, both psychologically and physically. It thus encourages you to do more than previously (to run faster, walk faster, skip faster) and to sustain the top heart rate for a longer period in that intense training.

Studies have shown that wearing fitness trackers during training even just a basic pedometer can increase a one’s activity levels by over 30%.  Some fitness tracker encourages social media usage, and you can share your progress report with others if you want.

Individually-tailored Objectives

Most fitness trackers have workouts tips and guides and convincing goals you can set for yourself in healthy activities. It will be reasonable before running half-marathon that you run 3 kilometers and 10 kilometers first.


For most people, there is a lot of anxiety around going to the gym and so many questions like “Am I doing this well? Is anyone watching me? Will I be laughed at?” are all questions many of us have in our minds as we plan to go on fitness activities in public.

Fitness trackers are accessories that you can trust and rely on them to ensure you’re working out for you and achieving your fitness goals, whether you choose to workout at home, park, gym or within your environment.

The fitness tracker, your fitness goals, and where you choose to exercise are all your choice, and it can serve as an exceptional tool to concentrate on when involved in fitness activities.

Weight Management Tool

As you set goals and try to beat and maintain your personal fitness activity records, you may not notice the gains or losses you’re making in your weight goal. But observing your fitness activity levels, noting whether you’re in the correct heart rate zone and comparing the results with your weight on the scale on weekly basis can determine whether or not you’re on the right track to achieving your desired weight.

Motivation and Progress Report Sharing

Personal motivation towards fitness objectives is eventually a key component of physical activity, but many people also love the benefits of posting and sharing their fitness activities progress on social media. They believe doing so motivates them to do even more.

Many fitness trackers’ have apps that promote linking up with other fitness trackers within your area, helping you to identify similar individuals with similar fitness goals. With that, you can create workout groups and host challenges.

Act As An Incentives To Promote Activity In The Workplace

Wellbeing and fitness are no longer individualized goals but organizations and workplaces are taking part in encouraging employees to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle with various incentives to improve their productivity.

A company once promised to compensate employees the cost of their fitness tracker if they will walk one million steps and employees were taking advantage of any free time they had to walk.

Similarly, Oscar Insurance Company also started a program where they would pay their employees $1 for each day they surpassed a goal in walk steps.

Having healthier employee reduces costs for businesses, mostly in meeting medical welfare of employees, and fitness is no more a particular person’s interest or occupation.

Many organizations have started programs to improve their employee’s health, fitness and mental alertness with incentives because having them healthier cut down the total production and establishment cost as well.

Everything You Need In One

Once you have determined what component you need for your fitness tracker, and ready to start your fitness activities, there is no need to worry about having multiple apps open in your tracker.

Most trackers will automatically synchronize tracking activity through Bluetooth to your smartphone to the computer. Some trackers also have the option of being manually plugged into a computer through USB to download information as well as to charge it.

A full charge can be enough to keep many trackers going for a whole day or more than just a day.

Rest/Sleep Tracking

Back in the days, tracking the quality of your rest or sleep meant sleeping in a lab with wires attached up to you to determine the stage of sleep you are in, whether you were in REM or NREM sleep.

These days, fitness trackers can easily determine the quality of your sleep based on your movement during sleep. Sleep is a helpful indicator of the quality of your health and wellbeing and ensuring you get at least good sleep in a night is essential to keeping the energy you need throughout your day while giving your brain sufficient time to store, process and coordinate with the activities of the day.

A good night sleep and rest can help you with the following:

  • reduce stress,
  • improve memory power and capacity,
  • improve concentration control,
  • keeps off depression and also
  • Increase your overall health and wellbeing.

Today, a lot of people spend half of their night on their phones or laptops without even knowing the time. But wearing the fitness tracker reminds you the sleeping time you have set and offers you the conventional sleep routine

Good healthy objectives ensure healthy activities that will improve the well-being of an individual, and if you maintain the good health habits as the part of your daily routine, then going to the gym every day is not too important.

Eating of vegetables and salads all day to live a healthy life is important, and having the fitness tracker nearby, steadily reminds you to make decisions to form superior wellness habits for you.

With the variety of fitness trackers out there, you can simply determine which components you want most on your tracker. For example, GPS component may not be required if you know the distance of the path you normally jog or hike.

Fitness trackers are basically customizable and can serve the individuals’ main fitness objectives. There are several fitness trackers obtainable in the market with numerous features to fulfill your fitness needs, and you can select the component of the fitness tracker you want for pursuing your fitness goals.

There are fitness trackers with the GPS component and there are ones with heart beat rate component.


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