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Bad Habits During Menstruation

menstruation bad habits2

Menstruation is a nightmare for women because, during this period, a woman can really get depressed and definitely feels more vulnerable.menstruation bad habits

Although it is not an easy experience, there are quite some things you can do to help relieve the pain and ease the discomfort during your period.

Bad Habits To Avoid During Menstruation

Make sure to keep your hygiene at a high level during your period, and try to avoid doing the following during your menstrual cycle:

  • Do not wear the same hygienic pad for the whole day during your menstrual period. This practice has been the main cause of vaginal infections and odor. So, make sure to change the pads every 3-5 hours and you should be fine.
  • Try not to make your pain worse when you already in pain. This means that you should plan any painful procedure while on your period.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid unexpected sex. Having unexpected sex during your period can increase the risk of infections by a significant margin, so it is best to stay away from such sexual activities.
  • If you do rigorous and strenuous exercise during periods, it may cause further problems. So, avoid such as it can harm your body and give strain to it.
  • Skipping meal during your period will only make you eat more and make you gain weight. Therefore, never skip meals during your period since you are already losing a lot of energy and blood from your body. You should take three proper meals along with some snacks in between.
  • Avoid late night meals and snacks, as they will only make matters worse for you, and it will affect your time and quality of sleep, which is an important factor to consider on its own.
  • A good night rest and sleep are very crucial in order to keep you more relaxed and less stressed. Menstrual pain can make it difficult to fall asleep, but you should do everything you can to relax and have a peaceful night.Menstruation bad habit
  • Avoid Dairy products as they contain a lot of arachidonic acids which can add up to the pain and cramps overnight. Make sure to avoid them.
  • Avoid watching sad and depressing videos or listening to depressing music during your menstrual period, because, this can put you in a worse psychological state than you are and will worsen your wellbeing and make your life harder. Likewise, avoid involving yourself in depressing activities, as it may affect the psychological health of any women.



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