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Gum Disease And Prostatitis

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As weird as this may sound, regular visits to the dentist could help keep your prostate healthy. Every year more than 3 million men suffer from prostatitis, which is an inflammation of the prostate that can cause pain, difficulty urinating, and even flu-like symptoms. While this is a fairly common disease, what isn’t as commonly known about it, is that prostatitis and gum disease are linked.

One study found that men who had prostatitis and gum disease got better as their gum disease was treated, and in the research study, 21 of the 27 men tested saw improvement in their prostatitis symptoms while they received treatment for their gum disease.

The Gum Disease-Prostatitis ConnectionGum Disease

Some previous studies have linked gum disease to prostatitis symptoms, as one study, published in the Journal Of Periodontology in 2010, followed thirty-five patients undergoing prostate biopsies, examining them for symptoms of periodontitis – plaque, gingivitis, and bleeding of the gums.

The link may lie in inflammation since gum disease affects more than just your mouth and can lead to inflammation in other parts of your body. By treating the inflammation in their mouth, most of the men in the study saw symptom improvement in their prostate inflammation, which helped to improve their quality of life.

Take care of your mouth and it may just lead to better overall health. If you think you are at risk for gum disease or see something irregular in your mouth, head to the dentist.

A recent study, reported in the journal Dentistry, explores how treating gum disease can “improve the symptoms of prostatitis and the quality of life for those who have the disease. The logic is that gum disease is a condition which affects not only the mouth but the entire system, causing inflammation in various parts of the body. This is backed up by studies linking gum disease to fetal deaths arthritis, and heart disease.


It wouldn’t be the first time dentistry was used as preventative medicine, even as cardiac patients are often encouraged to visit their dentist and get treatment for any potential gum disease they may have before undergoing heart procedures.

Also, pregnant women are encouraged to maintain good oral hygiene as well. But it is somewhat unique that dental work might be considered not just preventative but as part of the active treatment of an already existing medical condition like prostatitis.


Gum Disease And Prostatitis


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