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Causes and Cure of Diabetes

Causes and Cure of Diabetes

A study conducted at Manchester University might have changed the way diabetes is viewed.  There is a staggering amount of misinformation on diabetes, and most diabetics find themselves in a black hole of helplessness as they are made to think that there is no cure for diabetes.

They are clueless about how to reverse their condition. Another issue of concern is that more than half of people with type 2 diabetes are not even aware they have diabetes, and about 90 % of others who have a condition known as pre-diabetes are also not aware of their status.

Diabetes is not a disease of blood sugar, but rather a disorder of insulin and leptin signaling that evolves over a long period of time, moving through various stages, before becoming full-blown diabetes.

The Pancreas:

The purpose of the pancreas is to produce the hormone, insulin and secrete it into the bloodstream, in order to regulate glucose at the levels the body needs to live.

Facts on Diabetes

Diabetes is a long-term condition that results in high blood sugar levels in the body. Type 1 Diabetes is the case where the body does not produce insulin (10% of all diabetes cases are type 1), while Type 2 Diabetes is the case where the body does not produce enough insulin for proper function (90% of all cases of diabetes worldwide are of this type).

The risk of cardiovascular disease is much higher for a diabetic, making it crucial that blood pressure and cholesterol levels be monitored regularly. Smoking also might have a serious effect on cardiovascular health, and diabetics should stop smoking.

Hypoglycemia, which is a low blood glucose level in the body can have a bad effect on a diabetic patient, and, Hyperglycemia (when blood glucose is too high) can also have a bad effect on diabetics.

Type 1 Diabetestype 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic health condition traditionally characterized by elevated glucose level in the blood, and often simply called “high blood sugar.” Type 1 diabetes is uncommon, affecting only about 10% of known cases.

People that suffer from Type 1 diabetes need to be supplemented with insulin for the rest of their lives since failure to do so will result in death.

The more common form of diabetes is the type 2, in which your body, produces insulin but is unable to recognize and effectively utilize it, which allows glucose in your body to increase. This can cause a host of complications.

Some of the signs of diabetes are:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Frequent infections (skin, urinary, and vaginal)
  • Extreme hunger (even after eating)
  • Nausea and possible vomiting
  • Numbness or tingling in hands and/or feet
  • Irritability
  • Unusual gain weight or loss
  • Increased fatigue
  • Slow healing of wounds
  • Blurred vision

Other than a pancreas transplant, there is no known treatment or cure for type-1 diabetes.

Effective Diabetes Lifestyle Tips

  • Exercise regularly as it is one of the fastest, most powerful ways to lower your insulin and leptin resistance.
  • Eliminate grains and sugars and all processed foods from your diet
  • Get plenty of omega-3 fats from high-quality sources into your diet
  • Get probiotics because the more good bacteria you have in your gut, the stronger your immunity
  • Finally, direct UV exposure translates to up to 20,000 units of vitamin D a day, and you should regularly expose a large amount of your skin to healthy amounts of sunshine



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