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Remedies for Winter Acne

Winter acne

If you are attentive to your body, you might have noticed that your acne tend to be worse during the winter months. There are many people who suffer from both eczema and acne. But during the winter, this “double-trouble” easily becomes torture, as our overheated desks, sweaters that scratch, lack of moisture make eczema and acne ore difficult to bear than usual.

The main reason why the skin tends to become dry in winters is that of the cold air, and we use central heating which dries up the skin’s barrier further. Bathing habits like the use of hot water further deplete water from the skin.

In addition to the cold weather, there are many other contributors like hormonal issues, improper diet, and stress all of which could result in acne. Also, the soaps and cleansers we use in summers may end up being very harsh on the delicate skin, which already has been stripped of its delicate protective barrier in winter.

But on the other hand, most of the recommended ointments, which are very oily, can easily make acne worse.

To fight effectively against Inflammatory and Non-Inflammatory acne, industrial products are not necessarily the most respectful of our skin.

Ways To Prevent Winter Acne Breakouts

Here are five natural remedies:

Avoid Cortisone Creams

These creams are certainly effective in stemming a crisis, but they have a major drawback. They cause thinning of the skin, and should never be used in the long term. They are also addictive because they are soothing.

However, too many skins have been inexorably altered because of them. Always prefer natural alternatives.

Watch Your Diet

In winters, we often crave hot, oily and spicy foods, which experts believe, could trigger acne outbreaks. Instead, focus more on watery fruits and vegetables that will keep your skin hydrated from the inside out, and if possible, keep a food journal to see which foods may be triggering your flare-ups.

Limit intake of caffeinated drinks and alcohol, and quit smoking, which can also lead to hormonal acne which gets worse in winters.

Tomato Or Lemon

Tomato is antioxidant but it is also a shock ally to fight acne pimples that disfigure us, especially when placed on the nose or in the middle of the forehead. For this recipe, it’s simple:

  • cut a tomato (preferably organic) into slices and apply them on your face for twenty minutes. Rinse with warm water for healthy and clean skin.

Avoid Showering For Too Long

Nothing is more tempting than macerating in a bath or taking a good long and hot shower, during the winter. It is true that it can temporarily relieve the itching; however, this reflex is most often counterproductive.

It relieves the skin of its hydro-lipidic film which is its natural protective barrier. This ultimately worsens the condition, rather than improve it.


Focus On Natural FibersWinter period is the time to adopt the cotton T-shirt directly to the skin, to isolate the problematic sweater.

Flannel and silk are generally well tolerated, and some synthetic fiber garments or wool can greatly aggravate the itching. ProbioticsIf you have eczema and acne, it is likely that your intestinal flora needs attention. Both of these conditions are inflammatory, and an unbalanced flora can easily contribute to inflammation.

To rebalance this flora, taking probiotics of good quality for a period of 3 months can be useful.

Remedies for Winter Acne

Other Home Remedies For Winter Acne

  • Avoid constipation, drink tons of water and eat fiber-rich foods to stay regular.
  • Get adequate sleep, since the metabolic processes which affect your skin also work during rest. So adequate sleep is essential.
  • You can run a humidifier in the room to prevent the heaters from affecting the humidity and drying up your skin.
  • Avoid picking at the pimples as this can easily spread the infection.
  • Wash your face with raw, organic honey, ensuring to massage the honey into the skin. Leave on for a few minutes, and then wash off with cool water.
  • Aloe Vera gel or extracts are a wonderful treatment or remedy for winter acne flare-ups. Discontinue use if an allergic reaction occurs.
  • Use a sunscreen product with broad spectrum SPF, and never step outside without sun protection.
  • Take Vitamin C supplements to improve immunity.

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