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Awesome Tips For A Happy and Healthy Life


Everyone seems to want happiness, but if it were easy to attain, the whole world would be happy and we wouldn’t need to keep searching for it.

Well, we all have those days when we just don’t feel great. We hear some disappointing news or for a reason, we just feel a little low. This is considered natural and normal, and the good news is that we can shift our moods and mindsets with some conscious and simple techniques.

It’s not easy to be happy most of the time, but there are some tips that we can apply to make us happier, and here are ten scientific ways you can change your life to make your days just a bit more blissful:

Engage in More Physical Exercise

Science has proven why exercise is very important in our life and on our happiness level.

A study looks into three groups of depressed patients who are each treated with medication, exercise, or a combination of the two.

The groups were then tested six months later to assess their relapse rate, and the result showed that: of those who had taken the medication alone, 38% had slipped back into depression. Those in the combination group had a 31 percent relapse rate. However, of people from the exercise group, their relapse rate was only 9%

This study points to the fact that exercise has the biggest effect in reducing depression, and also found that people who exercised are happier because they feel better about their bodies.

So, start exercising now; start small and build a habit of routine exercising.

Connect with People

There is nothing like a human connection to boost our mood and every single human interaction is an energy exchange.

Spending more time with the people we care about is very beneficial to improving our happiness and our overall quality of life, and one of the top five regrets of the people who are on their death bed is not spending enough time or staying in touch with friends and family.

Put Your Happy Music On

We all have a song that makes us happy, and probably brings back memories. A study at the University of Missouri showed that participants were able to improve their mood by listening to upbeat music.

Get More Quality Sleep

You cannot underestimate the importance of sleep for the quality of our lives. The research found that people who take an afternoon nap are desensitized to negative emotions, but more responsive to positive ones.

Sleep deprivation causes emotional problems, but good sleep can bring an emotional advantage. This means that a good quality of sleep does make people more positive and happier.

Take Care Of Yourself and Spend More Time Outdoors

We often put our children, partners, friends, and peers before us. So, put off a non-urgent chore or project and treat yourself to a manicure, a massage or even a 15-minute walk in the park, or such activities that will put some smiles on your face.

It is believed that spending as little as 20 minutes outside in good weather not only boosts positive mood but also widens thinking and improves the working memory.

Another study from The London School of Economics and Political Science mentioned that the participants of the study were found to be substantially happier outdoors in all natural environments than they were in urban environments.

Another research by the American Meteorological Society found that happiness is maximized at a temperature of 13.9°C. Fresh air and some natural light are simply good for us.


Meditation is very important and helps you improve focus, clarity, attention span, calmness, and happiness.

A study from Massachusetts Hospital scanned and studied the brain of 16 people, and concluded that parts of their brains associated with compassion and self-awareness grew, while the parts associated with stress diminished.

Volunteer And Help Others

An extensive study at the University of Exeter proved that volunteering and helping others can lead to lower depression, reduce our risk of dying and increase our feeling of overall well-being. Helping others does not always mean you need to spend money, as you can also spend your time volunteering.

At the end of the day, love is really all that matters for humans to be happy. All the happiness tips mentioned above pretty much have “Love” as the single common subject matter.

Love the Universe, love other humans, and most importantly love yourself. Many people have been neglecting their own body, mainly by eating food that is deficient in key nutrition and not exercising as they should.

Use the information contained in this guide to achieve a happier and more fulfilling life, and remember that you are fully in control of your own habits, your own body, and your own life.


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