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13 Remedies To Treat An STD At Home

Stds natural remedies

Sex is part of our every day’s life as much as other activities like swimming, cycling or going out for dinner. For example, when you want to get the best from swimming, you take swimming classes and purchase the appropriate dressing for it.

You also read about the infections which you might get from chlorine water in the pool, and of course for its cure, and these preparations will help you make your swimming experience much more fun and safe.

Similarly, sex is an essential part of our life, and to have knowledge about it can enhance your experience to a significant level. You should try to know what can be done to make it better and also what can make it safer, because, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are very common, and can happen to anyone at any time.

Home Remedies for Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Treating any diseases with home remedies is a good thing. If you see any symptom of STD, you can start with the following measures, to help you suffer less and enjoy more of the sexual life without any worries:


Yogurt is a cure for many things like hair or problems and is one of the best remedies for yeast infection too. You should include yogurt in your daily meal, in order to protect yourself from STDs but also to benefit from its many other helpful features.

Yogurt balances the ph level of the body and helps degrade the effects of infections, especially, those that strive in an unbalanced pH environment. Yogurt has antibiotic abilities, and also helps in better digestion.


Including a proper amount of garlic in your daily diet, might not cure the disease but will help your body to prevent it, since garlic has antiviral and antibiotic properties which help your body to fight the viruses or other infection-causing organisms.

Oil of Oregano

Medicinal-grade oregano is distilled into an essential oil to create oregano oil, and researchers have identified thymol and carvacrol as the healing compounds in this natural infection-fighting oil.

Currently, over 1200 studies with carvacrol have been listed to show it fights certain types of cancers, viruses, infections and many other conditions. Also, most people tolerate oregano oil well, but pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid oregano oil.

Oregano is good for fighting the disease caused because of herpes, and it helps the victim to fight the symptoms by soothing down the irritation, soreness, burning sensation, etc.

The best way to use the oregano oil is by mixing it with olive oil (to dilute the oregano oil) and apply to the infected area. You can also include oregano oil in your diet, and see it work within 3-4 days. If this cure turned out not to be working, you should consult a doctor.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice has bacteria eliminating abilities (antibiotic), and it is also useful for a urine infection. It reduces the pain and irritation caused by STD and offers relief to the sufferer.

Lemon Juice and Lemon Balm

Fresh lemon juice is a good remedy to get rid of the symptoms of an STD. You can apply the fresh lemon juice to the infected area for soothing effects, and you can also combine it with garlic for a better outcome.

Alternatively, Lemon balm has virus-fighting abilities and is a relieving and soothing option to deal with STDs. Apply lemon balm on the infected area for relief.

Aloe Vera

The soothing effect of aloe vera gel is immensely comforting for anyone with an STD that results in the irritated or itchy skin. Aloe vera can help hydrate your skin, help with wound healing, and also exhibits anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity and could help your immune system.

There is subjective evidence of its benefits for those with syphilis, as it is claimed to help manage their scars and wounds.

Aloe vera extract cream has also been shown to help treat those with genital HSV infection, where healing was quicker for those using the cream compared to those using a placebo. You can use aloe vera as a gel or taken as aloe vera juice.

Neem Tree

Neem leaves are good for you and can help you to fight diabetes, good for immune system etc….

Neem has an amazing quality to fight and destroy germs and is undoubtedly a good antiviral, antibiotic, and antifungal. The best way to use neem leaves to fight STD is to keep it emerged in water and boiled it for around 15 minutes.

Once the water has cooled enough, you can use this water to take a bath, and the neem water helps to kill the germs from your body. It helps to cure any skin disease or at least decrease the effects of such infections. Adding neem to your diet and eating it along with something sweet to elevate its bitter taste is also helpful to the body’s digestive and immune systems.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used as a cleanser, and for beauty purposes. It is also effective for heartburn, indigestion, and useful for STDs. Putting the baking powder on the affected area will help reduce the pain and itching.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree can be used to heal acne, heal insect bites, reduces the effects of skin infections, and the list goes on. Tea tree oil is also useful in case of STDs, as the antibacterial ability of tea tree oil helps to reduce the pain and irritation caused by the STD.

While taking a bath, you can add a few drops of tea tree oil, or you can apply it to the affected area directly. Being an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent, tea tree oil can be beneficial for those with STD symptoms. The oil is also known to exhibit antifungal activity.

The topical use of tea tree oil has been known to help ease the pain associated with syphilis, and a highly diluted solution of tea tree oil in water applied topically or used for bathing has also proven effective in treating trichomoniasis.

Tea tree oil may also be useful in cases of recurrent herpes infection due to its antiviral action against herpes simplex virus.


Vinegar can be used to get relief in pain when applied in and around the affected area.

Ice Cubes

You can make use ice cubes to give yourself relief from the pain and soreness caused by an STD, and you can use it anytime.


This remedy has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties which help you to fight the infections, and it also helps you to strengthen your immune system by detoxifying your body from the harmful radicals.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV is antimicrobial and can be used in a bath or can be diluted with water and dabbed on affected skin with a clean cotton ball.

Sexually transmitted diseases STDs are on the rise in virtually all populations and age groups, and there is a significant risk in spreading infections, even when using typical safe-sex practices, as symptoms of some STDs in men and women don’t always appear.

For long-term health and wellness, it is imperative that STDs are treated quickly and that proven safe-sex practices are employed.

If by using any of these remedies mentioned above, you notice that the symptoms are accelerated, rather than getting better, you should immediately stop using it.

It is definitely not the right cure for your problem, or you might be allergic to the compounds found in that remedy. You should visit a physician, and remember not to risk or ignore any symptoms that you see in yourself.


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